Undoubtedly - our wines are idiosyncratic...

Kiemberger wines are unquestionably distinct, as are the sites and soils from which they are sourced. They reflect the cold northern wind gusts that occasionally blow through the vineyards. They bring to life the intense sun that beats down from a vibrant blue sky during the summer months in the southern Alps, permeating the vineyards with light and warmth. Together these conditions result in wines of a unique and unmistakable character, each one developing its own originality and distinction.

Our task is to encapsulate these natural phenomena into our wines by way of a delicate process of interpretation and transformation. This is a challenge that we whole heartedly take on, and it is what ultimately allows these wines to come to full expression in the nose and on the palate: to not only highlight the conditions of each vintage and site but also deliberately promote them. Our wines allow us to share and enjoy our vintage experiences with each other and with our customers.

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