Great wines demands great skill.

Kiemberger Winery in Terlan has been in our family for more than 100 years. In older times, the property also featured an old post house called the Postwirt, where travelers passing through stopped to eat and change horses. The Postwirt produced wine for its guests, and it is there that the Kiemberger winemaking tradition began. Historically, the property’s other agricultural activities included livestock farming, apple and grape production, and the trade of wooden vineyard posts.

In 2007, we made the decision to draw upon the farm’s deep agricultural roots and return to the craft of winemaking. We once again began producing and selling our own wines, an adventure that took off and instilled an enthusiasm in us that has carried through today.

Our wines

Three lines, three distinct characters. Each of our handcrafted wines brings forth its own expression of terroir and attentive craftsmanship.

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